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The Center for Loss and Bereavement is continuing to offer services throughout this public health crisis.

This ongoing COVID19 public health crisis has maintained our attention through this last year, as it has for everyone. Continuing to support those in our area who are grieving has consistently remained a top priority. We have abided by local health guidelines as well as the CDC’s recommendations in finding new ways to maintain accessibility and availability of our staff and volunteers to support our clients’ needs through this time.

As we move ahead through these transitional months, the wellbeing, safety, and mental health needs of our community continue to be at the heart of our entire mission and programming. Our staff has been using HIPPA compliant telehealth platforms for our therapists to conduct counseling sessions and for our remote group programming and education seminars to safely be offered through the last year.  In recent months, our staff has begun meeting with therapy clients back in our welcoming offices, while continuing to use telehealth for those who wish to remain virtual.  We will be rounding up our Nello’s Corner group program with the opportunity to have a final in-person group meeting in our usual spaces again, and planning to resume sessions next fall back in our onsite group rooms.  Our specialized adult peer groups have been in high demand virtually, yet we expect to resume holding in-person group opportunities in the coming summer/fall months.  Organizations affected by loss are able to receive our education and professional guidance either online or in-person, depending on specific needs and circumstances.  Camp Millie 2021 will be held as an in-person event at its familiar space at the Central Community Center in Lansdale, offering children the experience to gather with others in sharing stories of loss and resilient hope, all while following safety considerations in plans and logistics.

Confronting non-death losses through this year has been challenging for us all, but for those who have had to confront death or dying in saying good-bye to friends or family, we know the grief journey has in many ways just begun.  Our team is prepared for the long road ahead as our society shifts into new ways of living, while making room to process the complex grief held for the many lives and experiences lost through this pandemic. We are grateful that our staff members have remained healthy and that our organization has remained strong and well supported by others through this year.

There are many short videos capturing our history, mission, and client stories on our 20th Anniversary event page, if you’d like to hear more direct experiences about our Center’s impact and our compassionate, skillful team of bereavement specialists.  Please see our service webpages if you or someone you know may benefit from added support.

Should you wish to help further our impact, also visit our volunteer and donation webpages, or see details for our upcoming Fields of Hope fundraising event this summer and our Strides of Hope 5k this fall!!

With sincere honor for our position in this work,

Emily Vincent
Executive Director, 610-222-4110   x102


While our services are have been offered virtually through telehealth, our service area for counseling and peer support groups primarily includes community residents of Southeastern PA (the Greater Philadelphia area).  Our education and awareness efforts reach well beyond these direct service limits, but we do prioritize our staff commitments based on capacity and need.  If you are out of our area but would like support finding resources in your state/region, we can assist you finding contacts through our national networks of grief service providers.


In these trying times, we want you to know that we are thinking of you. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, staff, and board members for sharing their creative ideas to help #inspirehope

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