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Our Board

Lynda Rebarchak, Board Secretary


What initially drew you to the Center and inspired you to become a member of the Board?  

Participating in a fund-raising event for the Center.  Suffering much loss in my own family, I was moved in listening to how others were helped by the Center’s amazing staff.  I wanted to do what I could to help the staff continue their great work, providing quality grief counseling and support to the community.


Share about the role you serve on the board.  

I serve as Secretary to the Board, taking meeting minutes and helping with administrative tasks.


What has been the most meaningful part of being connected to the Center?  

Just being part of such a great organization.  I’m proud of the work being done by the Center, and by the many dedicated members of the Board.


What is one thing you would want someone to know if they were considering the Center’s services?  

The importance of specialized grief counseling.  Just going to a counselor who doesn’t specialize in grief was for me, very frustrating.  At the time, I was stuck – weighed down in grief that couldn’t get past.  I was searching for tools to help, but was offered none. Specialized staff at the center are able to offer the tools needed to better deal with grief and get through the difficult times.


What are your hopes for people who come to the Center?

That people get to see hope – hope for their future, for their family and their life.  An important part of honoring those we lost is to try and live the best life we can without them.


What are your hopes for the Center?

That it’s able to continue the important work, making a difference in the lives of many in the community.


What words would you use to describe the Center?  

Specialized, caring, supportive.


What would you want to say to our donors and volunteers?

Thank you for all everything you do to support the Center!


What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering with us in programming, on committees, or as a member of the board?  

You should do it!  Being part of such a worthwhile organization is very fulfilling, and it’s a great way to give back to the community.


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