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Our  Staff

Our staff includes 13 dedicated people who work tirelessly to help fulfill the mission of the Center. Each individual comes from varied experiences in human service and education, and possesses specialized training and interest in Thanatology, which is the foundation of our work.

We are incredibly proud of having such exceptional and passionate people driving our mission, and are dedicated as an organization of value to support them in providing the highest quality of service to those seeking help from the Center.  The Center for Loss and Bereavement is an inspiring place to be, where it is safe – and encouraged – to be vulnerable with dignity, and to invite others to be a source of light and hope in times of darkness.  Our staff are capable of holding the pain of others, without needing or trying to ‘fix’ someone’s journey through the true mess of grief.  Our mission depends on having empathetic, experienced individuals doing such intimate and sensitive work, and we are incredibly grateful for the staff who have joined us over the years.

To contact any staff member, call the main number 610-222-4110 and dial the referred extension or click on the e-mail address links on this page. For a short biographical description, click on any staff member’s name.

Meet Our Board of Directors.

Kim Burian
Therapist, Community Liaison, Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 103

Emily Cauchon
Therapist, Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 125

Claire Drexler
Therapist, Training Coordinator
Phone Extension: 104

Lois Harris
Program Director, Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 118

Ashley Herr 
Therapist, Group Facilitator

Phone Extension: 123

Pat Keeney
Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 120

Steve Keller
Therapist, Grief Notes 
Phone Extension: 105

Christina Larkin
Program Coordinator, Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 119

Karin Murphy
Therapist, Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 121

Jamie Lockwood
Administrative Coordinator
Phone Extension: 124

Donna Piergallini
Director of Development
Phone Extension: 100

Shelley Robbins
Group Facilitator
Phone Extension: 117

Kendra Stenack 
Clinical Director, Therapist
Phone Extension: 101

Emily Vincent
Executive Director, Therapist
Phone Extension: 102

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