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Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, sponsored, and donated to the Fields of Hope event on July 23-24, 2022!

Our second annual Fields of Hope Sunflower was held on July 23 – 24 at the Smith family farmstead in Worcester, where fields of stunning sunflowers were planted to help raise aware awareness and bring hope to those dealing with grief and loss. Hundreds of people visited the fields to pick their own sunflowers to bring home, explore their creativity during a Plein Air art session, or capture memories with family members during photography sessions with professional photographers.

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Special thanks to:

  • Christine Smith & Family for hosting us on their farm and sharing the beautiful sunflower fields with us.
  • Farmer Ed Evans for putting countless hours into cultivating the land, planting and growing. Without him our event would not be possible.

  • Our event planning committee for their tireless efforts leading up to and throughout the weekend activities.
    • Event Planning Committee: Jill Gallagher, Beth Hunt, Selaine Keaton, Donna Piergallini, Lauren Rieger, Christine Smith, & Melissa Smith 
  • Our event volunteers for enthusiastically working at stations and giving our guests the best possible experience. (Many present for the photo below, but all names listed beneath)

Kristin Amit Norma Blouch, Renee Bickel, Tori Bickel, Beverly Carr, Lisa Chambers, Meg Cinelli, Bonnie Crist, Jonathan Ditzler, Lauren Drakeley, Natalie Dumniak, Robert Dumniak, Faith Eagans, Judith Gallagher, Thomas Gallagher, Pat Gramm, Barbi Griffith, Cathy Grandzol, Chris Hunt, Lauren Hunt, Ryan Hunt, Mason I, Scott Keaton, Trevor Keaton, Dana Kegerreis, Joanne Lepping-Irvine, Emelia Lockwood, Will Lockwood, Jeanne McDonald, Sue McGinnis, Margaret Meyers, Ryan Myers, Suzanne Miller, Daniel Reiger, Joe Rieger, Matt Rieger, Stacie Reis, Nikki Scott, Cathy Sikora, Ashley Smith, Caroline Smith, Christopher Smith, Ellie Smith, Graham Smith, Victoria Woodford

  • Our sponsors and donors (listed below), and every registrant and participant who enjoyed photography sessions, plein air art, and PYO flowers made this event a tremendous success!


Thank you ALL so very much!

Our Sponsors








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Kim Wright, Nothing Bundt Cakes – Collegeville



Individual Donors

Karen Barnshaw Wendy Bealer Carol Berardelli
Renee Bickel Tori Bickel Joan and John Bown
Marilyn Burkey Deborah Caglia Anthony and Meg Cinelli
Michele DePetta Audrey Ditzler Yvonne Eglinton
Martha Fickett Jillian Gallagher Judith and Thomas Gallagher
Melissa Hall Lois Harris Roger and Nancy Hunt
Christopher and Beth Hunt Joey Irvine Elaine Johnston
Allison Kerlin Jack & Arlene Kilcoyne Joanne Kline
Chase and Linda Kneeland Christy Kovelan Karen Lachmeyer
Christina Larkin Joanne Lepping-Irvine Jamie Lockwood
Melissa Keen Karen Maglaty Heather Markus
Sadie Markley Stacey Marie Jake Marron
Brian McCaffrey Robb Muse Stacey Novelli
Karen O’Toole Rachael Picozzi Sarah Picozzi
Donna Piergallini Rita Porreca Jen Romano
Leon Rosen Melissa Schwenk Nikki Scott
Jennifer Shea Heather Shoop Jacqui Smigo
Graham Smith Kendra Stenack Jacky Todd
Melanie Trott Nancy  Wieman Sarah Wieman

Companies and Organizations

The Daywalt Group LLC
DCO Orthodontic Specialists
Deluca Music Co.
Harleysville Bank
Simply Be Well
Valley Force Rug Co
Williams and Co. Jewelers

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