Managing the Stress of Lifestyle Changes, Grief, and Uncertainty

Managing the Stress of Lifestyle Changes, Grief, and Uncertainty

By Steve Keller

The great majority of us are acutely and profoundly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. To protect us from the spread of the virus, all levels of government have responded by mandating severe lifestyle changes for us personally and societally. Perhaps the most difficult of these are lockdowns and social distancing. This disruption in day-to-day routines and lifestyle imposes great hardship and necessitates drastic adaptive measures.

We are also inundated by constant news and video footage of horrendous suffering of those afflicted by the virus, as well as their loved ones. It is difficult to avoid being traumatized by witnessing such suffering. This is compounded by the pervasive fear that we or our loved ones could also be infected. Many are experiencing an overall uncertainty about the future, which itself is distressing.

Many of our clients have been coping with grief due to the death of a loved one which preceded the onset of the pandemic. The hardships and stress imposed by the virus serve to exacerbate an already painful and life-altering grief process.

The following resources are provided as support and guidelines toward managing the stress of lifestyle changes, grief, and uncertainty which we all encounter:

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How to make stress your friend (Kelly McGonigal TED Global 2013)

Uncertainty Can Be Our Best Friend

If The World Is Scary, How Can Our Children Not Be Scared?

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next (Elizabeth Gilbert | TED Connects)

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