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Our Board

Jeremy Brenn, Board Treasurer


What initially drew you to the Center and inspired you to become a member of the Board?

My wife has an education and background in the field of grief and bereavement, which initially led me to become interested in The Center. My connection with other board members and that of The Center’s mission fueled my interest in joining the board to lend expertise in the area of finance.

Share about the role you serve on the board.

I serve as Treasurer and am also a member of the finance committee. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work closely with the board chairperson and executive director to prudently manage and oversee the financial operations of The Center.

What has been the most meaningful part of being connected to the Center?

Being part of an organization that has such a direct positive impact on the local community is very meaningful to me. This has often been described as a “sacred” profession so to contribute in my own small way at the board level is a humbling experience.

What is one thing you would want someone to know if they were considering the Center’s services?

The depth of experience and educational background of the staff at The Center is remarkable. Those in need of this type of service will find a welcoming, compassionate, and professional environment to share their grief story.

What are your hopes for people who come to the Center?

To receive compassionate counseling from experienced professionals.

What are your hopes for the Center?

For The Center to continually have the necessary resources to reach all those in the community in need of its services.

What words would you use to describe the Center?

Compassionate, professional, educated

 What would you want to say to our donors and volunteers?

The board is grateful for your continued support of an organization that has such a positive impact on our community.

What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering with us in programming, on committees, or as a member of the board?  

Meet and speak with the staff, executive director, or any member of the board. Very quickly, you will find that each of us are deeply dedicated to the mission of The Center.



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