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For almost 20 years the Center for Loss and Bereavement has served our community. The Center is a non-profit organization that provides professional counseling, support services and education for families, individuals, and organizations dealing with loss and bereavement. Located in Skippack Village in Montgomery County, the Center offers a warm and safe atmosphere that allows for the expression and exploration of those thoughts and emotions associated with the grief process.

Our Mission

The Center for Loss and Bereavement is a non-profit resource of specialized knowledge and professional support that provides meaningful connection and restorative guidance for those impacted by grief.

Guiding Principles of our Mission

  • Grief is a natural, whole mind and body response to a loss.
    • Grief is a long-term process that influences emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral health, as well as fundamental systems of belief.
    • Grief’s process is not linear, nor is it something that ends with closure. It involves an on-going balance between processing the impacts of loss and cultivating restorative investments in life.
  • Regardless of age, ability, or circumstance in life, people are universally confronted with matters of death and dying.
    • Loss touches and affects us all, yet one’s experience and reactions within grief’s process are intricate, continually evolving, and truly unique.
    • While grief reactions vary greatly between individuals and across family, cultural, or structural systems, all people search for connection, comfort, and meaning in suffering.
  • Grief can be isolating and challenging to endure even under the best of conditions.
    • An individual’s ability to cope with grief is influenced by many factors, including the circumstances of loss and the quality of available support within oneself and one’s network.
    • Some individuals face added struggles in life or traumatic features of loss that have the potential to complicate and prolong their finding tools of strength.
  • Distressing aspects of grief can be countered by gains in insight and knowledge, in addition to connection through peer support.
    • In any circumstance, fostering qualities of resilience can significantly help restore stability, balance, and a sense of confidence in one’s capacity to cope.
    • Under the care and guidance of specialized professionals, individuals and systems are better able to reinforce the practice of therapeutic efforts towards holistic wellness.
  • Availability of quality, supportive resources provides hope and potential for all to heal through meaningful growth
    • Increasing resilience in individuals, families, and organizations impacted by grief has a systemic impact on a community’s ability to withstand crisis.
    • Bridging support for people of all ages, beliefs, and diverse experiences brings a stronger sense of unity and purpose in life to us all.


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