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Tip Sheets and Booklets

Download, print and share these tip sheets as a resource.

Grief & Loss Tip Sheets

Children’s Expression of Grief Through Play How do children use play to process feelings of grief or trauma?

How to Support a Grieving Child Struggling to understand the best ways to help a child in grief?

How to Support a Grieving Teen What are some things that you can do to help a teen who is experiencing grief?

Understanding Young Adult Grief  In the midst of growth and newfound independence, some are faced with the death of a loved one. Young adults may often seek support and find it difficult to understand their own grief while navigating this new phase of life.

Grief and the Mind-Body Connection Grief is an all-encompassing physical, social, psychological, biological, and spiritual experience.

Supporting Others with Chronic Illness It is important to be mindful of how a social society, at large, can be supportive to someone who has the uninvited role of caregiver.

Alternatives to Traditional Funeral Rituals During COVID-19  Covid-19 has brought many challenges, including how we celebrate and honor our loved ones who have died during this very ever-changing time.

Talking to Children About a Death from Suicide: A Toolkit for Parents and Caregivers A death due to suicide can be especially hard for a child to understand. This guide helps parents and caregivers in preparing to tell children about a suicide death and helping them to grieve in healthy and healing ways.


Grief through the Holidays

Activity Ideas for the Holiday           

Helping Your Grieving Child Through a Holiday

 Planning for a Holiday after a Loss         

Ten Tips for the Holidays

Halloween Triggers



Children’s Grief Booklets

GriefTalk is an initiative of the NACG aimed at encouraging and supporting honest conversations around the topics of death and grief.


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