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Our Alumni Board Members

Connie Fretz


What initially drew you to the Center and inspired you to become a member of the Board?  

I met Christine while on vacation with her. She is such a vibrant and positive influence.


Share about your experience on the board and any highlights or memories you cherish.  

I especially enjoyed the fundraising we did & the fun we had planning them.


What has been the most meaningful part of being connected to the Center?  

What has been most meaningful for me was summer camp and being with the kids & having fun watching them play their games.


Why have you continued to support this special mission over so many years? 

I believe in what they’re doing. Helping the kids be positive and learning to live with adversity.


What are your hopes for people who come to the Center?

I hope that people learn to live with their sadnesses & that it can be turned into a positive. They in turn learn that they can help others through their sad times.


What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering with us in programming, on committees, or as a member of the board?  

I would encourage them. There’s a lot to be learned & in turn it is a positive experience.


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