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Specialized Adult Groups


Grief can be isolating and lonely. You are part of a club in which you didn’t want membership. Finding grief support through peers can break down walls, connecting you with other people on their own grief journeys. The Center charters a variety of grief support groups throughout the year, offered both primarily in person and some virtually. All groups are led by professionally trained facilitators and focus on peer sharing and providing a supportive, safe environment for participants.



Recommendations for Participation

A period of at least 4 months has passed since the time of the loss; this may vary due to individual situations so do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can talk through it together

To gain the most individual support in a group setting, family members should consider attending their own group session

If multiple losses have occurred, chose the relationship loss which is most needed for support

If there are scheduling conflicts that cause 2 or more meetings to be missed, consider joining at a different time

You may participate in multiple programs of the Center at the same time

Groups are NOT drop-in. Each session requires pre-registration with a completed form, a screening phone call, and fee.

What Kind of Groups are Offered?

Adult Group Sessions at the Center are organized by relationship loss (ie parent, spouse/partner, sibling) or cause of death (ie loss due to suicide, addiction/ overdose). In the instance of loss of spouse or partner, they are offered for different ages and stages of life. Group sessions consisting of six weeks, are Closed – meaning once the group session has started, no new participants join. Our monthly groups allow new members to join at specified times throughout the year.

Listed below are the most frequent groups facilitated by the Center.

Groups Offered:

6 Week Groups

Young Loss of Spouse or Partner
(up to approx. 40 yrs old)

Mid Life Loss of Spouse or Partner
(Approx. 40-60 years old)

Mature Loss of Spouse or Partner
(Approx. 60 years old and older)

Loss Due to Addiction / Overdose

Loss of Parent / Parental Figure

Loss of Sibling

Loss Due to Suicide

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Ongoing Groups

Young Adult Grief Group

Loss of Child who was a teen or adult
Meets once a month

Upcoming Groups

Generations Stories of our Lives

The Open Link Stories of our Lives

Loss due to Suicide Support Group

Thursdays: Aug 22, 29 / Sept 5, 12, 19, and 26
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Young Loss of Spouse Support Group (Ages 25-45)

Thursdays: July 11, 25 / Aug 1, 8, 15, and 22 (Skip July 18)

Adult Loss of Parent Support Group

Tuesdays: July 9, 16, 23, 30 / Aug 6, 13

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the groups?

While our group facilitators provide routine and guidelines for each group, discussion topics and pace are set by the participants. We do not use a curriculum or videos and allow for conversation surrounding loss to occur organically based on what group members would like to discuss. Each group is 90 minutes in length. Often, the first meeting of a group session is the most challenging, with participants sharing the background of their loss. Some common topics for conversations include memories, sharing photos or keepsakes, holidays and birthdays, managing feelings, family relationships, coping strategies, changes in social interactions, moving forward. Each group is unique therefore some participants may choose to join another session offered in the future.

Where do the groups meet?

Our primary adult group meeting room is a comfortable living-room space upstairs in our back building. There are open wooden steps with a handrail on the outside, leading to the second floor. There is a restroom, hot/cold water, and basic coffee/tea supplies. For those requiring easier access, the group can be relocated to a large room on the ground floor.

Are there fees for groups?
  • Support groups cost $90 for a group session of 6 weeks or $120/6 weeks if joining as a couple.
  • Our monthly groups cost $90 for a 6-month period or $120/6-month if joining as a couple.
  • The monthly (open) Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group has a $10 monthly drop-in fee with pre-registration required
  • Young Adult Support Group is free of charge
  • Payments are made to the Center through check or PayPal prior to the first meeting. There are no refunds given for individual meetings missed during a group session (6-weeks or 6-months)

How do I join a group?


Tell Us About Yourself

Submit a request for more information here or call 610-222-4110 and our Intake Coordinator, Hannah, will assist you through the registration process.



Upon receipt of your submitted Registration Form, our Support Group Coordinator, Emily Cauchon, will follow up and discuss which group would best fit your needs and inform you of scheduling status. Adult support groups run based on interest and facilitator availability. Once we have approximately 6-8 people interested in a group (max 12), we set the dates and times. Our monthly groups have an open enrollment for new members approx. 2-3 times a year.


Receive support and make connections

Mark your calendars and join your group either at our Center for in-person groups or on Zoom for virtual groups.

What Past Participants Have to Say…

“The most valuable part of this group was definitely connecting with other people who understood my loss and the specific challenges it brings. I was met with great compassion and understanding in this space, and my participation did so much to help me feel less alone. I’ve had a difficult time finding quality services for adult sibling loss and am grateful for this group.”
– Loss of Sibling Group Participant
“Every one of the group’s participants was sincerely honest in expressing their stories and their feelings. I wasn’t prepared for such honesty. It is inspiring. It’s great to be with and talk with people who are so honest and transparent.”
– Loss of Suicide Group participant
“I thought everything was done so respectfully and with compassion and care. We were all still so fragile and hurt due to our loss. We had a phenomenal facilitator and most of the time she just let us speak and express ourselves. She, of course, asked us questions and had a few topics for us to discuss, but for the most part she let us vent, cry and express our feelings in a very safe environment. The group members have become friends and we are there to support each other in the future.”
– Mid Loss of Spouse Group Participant

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