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Board Recruitment

Do you have an interest in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in your community who are grieving or have experienced loss?

The Center for Loss and Bereavement is inviting applications from those interested in contributing their voice, leadership, and experience to enhance the lives of the Center’s clients. We are recruiting dedicated individuals with an interest in raising grief awareness and increasing accessibility to grief support within the community. Long term opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors as well as short-term project focused Task Force Professional Volunteer seats are currently available.

Who we’re looking for:

We are seeking motivated, visionary thinkers with proven leadership capabilities from diverse backgrounds in fundraising and governance. Ideal candidates will be willing to be conscientious stewards for the Center and have the capacity to cultivate relationships with community influencers and stakeholders. They must be sensitive to the diverse communities which we serve and aim to reach.

To compliment the existing Board of Directors’ skill sets, we are looking for leadership representation in the following professional areas:

  • Accounting / Financial Analysis
  • Fundraising / Event Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Development


Board of Directors Member Commitment:

  • Attend five (5) board meetings through our fiscal year (July-June), which typically fall in Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May, and the Annual Planning Meeting in June
  • Actively participate and serve on at least (1) one Board Committee
  • Participate in the Center’s sponsored fundraising events
  • Board Member commitment is a 3 year term, with option to to renew for a maximum of 3 terms
  • Annual personal financial contributions 

Task Force Professional Volunteer Commitment:

  • Subject Matter Experts will determine the pace and term length of the committee based on the projects goals
  • Active participation in meetings as agreed upon by the committee
  • Non-voting advisory role working alongside current Directors and Center staff

If you are interested in speaking with someone about your interests in serving with us, please complete this brief questionnaire .  Thank you!

About the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors bring insight and expert leadership together in assuring that the Center for Loss and Bereavement’s mission is fulfilled. In these roles, our team drives meaningful discussion and targeted efforts, moving forward strategic plans that strengthen our organization’s impact on our shared community. 

Key Roles of the Board of Directors: 

  • Establish the structure, policies, and strategic plans that guide the Center’s leadership in fulfilling its mission
  • Set the vision for the future, develop strategic plans and goals, and approve operational plans
  • Ensure programming is consistent with the mission and monitor the effectiveness of these programs
  • Oversee Center’s financials through development of the annual budget and allocating adequate resources for the Center to fulfill its mission
  • Ensure the Center is adhering to legal and ethical standards and expectations
  • Serve as unwavering source of moral and professional support for the Executive Director and staff to advance the strategic goals
  • Hold the Center in trust for the public good and exercising judgment in a way that best serves the Center and its clients
  • Enhance the Center’s public standing by advocating the mission, sharing accomplishments, and garnering support from the community 

Individual Board Member Responsibilities: 

  • Believe in the purpose and the mission of the Center, and act responsibly and prudently as its steward
  • Stay informed about the Center’s mission, services, policies, and programs participation in board meetings and regular communications with the Board officers and executive director 
  • Review agenda and supporting material prior to board and committee meetings 
  • Volunteer services to the organization outside of board work 
  • Participate in fundraising by attending special events and identifying and fostering relationships donors
  • Support donor engagement efforts by sending acknowledgements and thank you notes for received donations
  • Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to Center’s mission  

Standing Committees:

  • Governance & Operations  
    • The Governance & Operations Committee monitors and manages the governance aspects of the board ensuring compliance with the by-laws, which are routinely reviewed for accuracy and relevance to the Center and the Board. The committee also takes the lead on organizational matters with legal / compliance ‘angles’ – such as employee policies, benefits and employee handbooks.  This committee ensures that the body of the organization is managed well, with fairness, equity, and attention to the health, sustainability, and success of the employees, volunteers, and the mission, together.    
  • Programming Committee  
    • Composed of members with backgrounds in mental health services and the Center’s programming directors, the Programming committee is an oversight and advisory committee that ensures the Center’s direct service people and programs are adequately fueled for maximum quality and impact, and that the team has the infrastructure in place to support the programming goals across the Center in consideration of the health and professional boundaries of those providing service.  This committee considers unique aspects related to trends in the field, the community, and the organization’s capacity – in how we can best bring the mission to those who participate in our programming onsite and to those in underserved areas of our geographic region. 
  • Finance and Development Committee 
    • The Finance and Development committee provides financial oversight for the Center including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and setting long range financial goals and fundraising strategies to achieve them.  There is priority focus on strategic thinking and potential projects related to short-term goals and long-term sustainability, when considering financial decisions that tie to the organization’s operations, programming, community reach, and overall health. 

Current Specialized Skills Task Forces

  • Finance Task Force Objective:
    • Perform in-depth analysis and review of the Center’s P&L and Balance Sheet actual performance to gain understanding of key drivers impacting the operations/business and overall financial health of the organization
    • Review accounting of key expense areas (staffing & programming costs) and analyze operational efficiency
    • Examine and understand the organization’s current (past three years) growth trajectory of both revenue and expenses with consideration of amount of services provided
    • Develop 3-5 year financial forecasts and cash flow projections to identify risks and opportunities within Center’s business performance
    • Presentation of financial models and reports to Board of Directors with recommendations based on findings

If you are interested in speaking with someone about your interests in serving with us, please complete this brief questionnaire .  Thank you!

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